Good-Bye Kitty


The Hello Kitty Cafe reminded me of my oldest sister who had an obsession over this overstuffed cat…who really never properly says ‘hello’.  I specifically remember we all chipped in a little money to buy her this enormous stuffed Hello Kitty doll for her birthday (probably a decade ago)….and recently she sold it to a little girl for £3……………………thanks…very nice.  But back to this kitty cafe which is located in Hongdae, Seoul….2 words to sum up this experience…..

‘Goodbye Kitty’.


Not only was i blinded by the overwhelming pink decorations, but the latte was pretty bad too….i lie…it SUCKED!  That’s right…don’t let the cute face on your latte fool you.  Be prepared to drink something like bitter water…yum.


The desert (Patbingsoo) was pretty good though, but you can find good Patbingsoo ANYWHERE!!! Me is angry…


I really can’t help but feel this place is a little bit like a tourist trap. It a place just for a photo opportunity to be honest whilst they serve mediocre coffee and food….am i being too harsh? I hope i don’t get sued…lolz

So yeah…all i can say is GOODBYE Kitty….you look cute but your coffee sucks…sorry.


5 Comments on “Good-Bye Kitty

    • oh this is a surprise…Hi!! Yeaa she should at least charge more than £ is a valuable antique after all.

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