Wet Wet Wet!


Off to the Caribbean!

……………hmm i wish…Well i experienced the ‘Korean’ interpretation of the ‘Caribbean’ which was not far off to be honest….it’s only missing some sand, palm trees, and the sea!


Sarcasm aside…this water theme park based just outside of Seoul, is pretty neat…just what you need to cool off from the scorching Sun. However i got burnt…like really bad. So a word of advice when coming here….wear lots and lots of sun cream! However despite how much sun cream you put on…you will still be burnt. XD good luck…


Best rides by far are the ‘Tower Boomerang’….although the ride was short it boosted us with adrenaline! It was worth the wait…not sure if it was worth the redness on my back from waiting…Other rides really lacked ‘thrill’…but it was just nice being wet as it was so hot!!!


A great place to just chill was the Lazy River and the Wave Pool. The Lazy River is where you just sit on a dingy and just let the river carry you around the theme park! This was a great mode of transport and walking all day on barefoot can be a pain….so if you want to go to a ride on the other side of the water park…just let the river carry you there.


The Wave Pool…well it’s self explanatory….a big wave just gushes at you every 2 minutes…i wasn’t allowed to go where the BIG waves are because i didn’t have a life jacket……………really? =_=


Being the most popular and busiest water park in Korea it doesn’t dissappoint and lives up to it’s name…i just wish there was more shade whilst waiting in line for 2 hours…We were pigs waiting to be grilled…..*…*

Now if you hadn’t realised already from my pictures, you will see most Koreans are wearing life jackets….you’re probably thinking ‘is it possible to drown in this water park?’ or ‘are the rides that dangerous’? Well the answer is that most Koreans do not know how to swim! Yes, very odd if you come from the West….at a small age they will spend more time learning academics rather than life skills.

IMG_0838 - Copy

So advice is, well just get ready to be burnt and tanned….hahaaaa

Thanks to that day i am now shedding skin like a snake….nice.

Have a great Summer!



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