The Coffee Artisan


I’m very picky of what i want to see or what i look for when travelling, hence i can be a difficult travel partner to please at times.

Although i love to see the obvious attractions such as Namsan Tower, Gyunbuk palace, but i was not really blown away by it…(it’s beautiful nonetheless.)

However stumbling into Samcheong-Dong (삼청동) in Seoul, me and a friend were melting in the blistering heat and was in search for a cafe.


Little did i know i will taste the best cafe mocha of my life….no exaggeration….seriously.  The coffee art is as beautiful as it tastes…

So what makes this cafe mocha sooo goood?  I guess from the perfect creamy texture and the fluffy, chocolatey foam sitting at the top, together provides a feeling of warmth and content…forcing a grin on your face everytime the mocha sits comfortably on your taste buds.

The interior decorations make this cafe feel like you are the main protagonist in a story book, your eyes can’t help wonder around to see what unique and interesting hand made crafts were dispaying all around the shop…


…the comforting atmosphere really complements the coffee sensation…..too bad i didn’t bring a book or something….could stay here for hours…


This is perhaps the best cafe i’ve been to so far in South Korea…As Samcheong dong in Seoul is quite small it’s very hard to miss! Just find the quirky looking cafe shop which i posted above…


*aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh* ^_^ simple pleasures in life…


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