2nd Wedding Gift

Recently my older sister got married and i thought while i’m at Namsan Tower, why not give them a second gift? It was enjoyable to do whilst watching the great sunset.


It’s a shame i didn’t do this before their wedding, but hey it’s never too late…


huhuhuu it’s a shame they will not be able to touch or see this gift…unless they come visit me *hint hint*


I’ll give you a hint…it’s somewhere in this area…


Now lets hope no one got hurt below because of this…


Hope you two enjoy your awesome journey together ❤

I'll be back soon to see if you've used my wedding gift or not…hah


2 Comments on “2nd Wedding Gift

  1. i see the locks….. bottom right of that group shot! ;oP
    thanks BiL….. =)

  2. hmmm wow you have a good eye….this was the most popular place to put it…so it shouldn’t be too hard to find =D

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