Epicentre of Fashion

DongDaeMun in Seoul.

The neighbourhood that never sleeps.

People are bustling in and out of every gap in every street flapping their shopping bags, neon lights flashes across while Kpop music echoes through this tireless haven.


This lamphead shaped building is soooooooooo coool…i think i took 10 pictures of it all in different angles.



People say this place is the ‘centre of fashion’…well i agree if it only applies to women….seriously WHERE ARE THE MENS’ CLOTHES!? grrr me want cheap clothing too!


Though they look nice…the quality on the other hand is questionable…


I remember trying to take pictures of this one particular store and the woman literally pounced on me and covered the sight of her store from my camera..her face was full of fear..what has she got to hide? Well we can all guess…muahahaa


Now the market stalls! Famous for selling ‘genuine’ brands…yes you heard…’genuine’….*cough*


My particular favorites are the ‘design’ choices for the children’s Burberry inspired top and designer underwear which looks like freshly pressed paper.


A word of ADVICE for the guys…don’t take your girlfriends here. O.O


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