City of Kings

Gyeongbok Palance, situated in Seoul was built by King Taejo who is also the founder of the Joseon dynasty. The name directly translates to ‘palace greatly blessed by heaven’. Not sure about that…as it was almost totally destroyed by the Japanese military.


The palace is the iconic symbol of the Korean royal family. Today it is open to the public and sits juxtaposingly in the metropolitan city of Seoul….odd sightings…


The wooden posts was where all the important officials use to stand when the Emperor will sit on his throne at the top of the stairs. The closer you were the the King, the more important you were.


The architecture was amazing, the garden was scenic, but i can’t help but feel a little ‘awkward’ throughout the tour.


I mean not that it’s not beautiful…it’s just very strange seeing beautiful traditional Korean style architecture and seeing modern skyscrapers at the same time O.O feels more like museum.

What do you think?


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