DanO Festival

The festivals just keep rolling in Korea.

DanO Festival lies on the fifth day of the fifth month on the lunar calendar. It is also a national holiday in North Korea and a traditional holiday in SOuth Korea. It is one of the oldest tradions known to date.


This festivals involves a ritual in which the people worship the sky God for favorable weather to make high yield in fishing and agricultural crops. Here i get to celebrate this tradtion in Beopseongpo, in Yeonggwang Jeollanamdo.


These dried yellow fish is called ‘Yeonggwang gulbi’, famous and exclusive in Yeonggwang during the festival.


Many acts are involved to entertain the crowd whilst playing traditional Korean folk music.


Some red indian dance thingy….the clothes are nice =D


These people dressed as ‘scholars’ are preparing for the ritual.


Now i realised the majority of these people are the middle aged to the elderly. Most of these people may be agricultural or fishermen…or maybe just residents.


The day is filled with carnival like stands and parades. Many booths were open which enable visitors to get their portrait hand drawn, eat local traditional food (some were strange…involving a white goo >.<), fun fair rides, and games where you get to win plush teddy bears.


Appreciate your fish and veggies people…they don’t come without blood, sweat, tears, and a little ‘magic’



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