Luminous Cheong Gye Cheon

The Cheong Gye River flowing through Dong Dae Mun in Seoul is famous for its recreational beauty and gracefulness. I happen to pass by this during the Buddha’s birthday festival in which the government has set up stunning lanterns which captivates the public at night.


This was very well into the night, yet you see many youths having a picnic around here, chilling with their friends, having laughs while downing a couple of beers.


I don’t really blame them choosing this location to binge drink…with views like this you can sit here for hours.


This elephant always remind me of someone…you know who you are 😉


*sigh*….listening to the flowing ripples of water, and the fellowship of beer drinking students make you ponder…what about? Just mindless things…Who knew sitting here and daydreaming for hours can be so entertaining?



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