Your Love Locked Down

So the couple themed country strikes again. Namsan Tower is not only famous for the big spike, but also it attracts couples to lock their love away…to never be apart…nice connotation i guess.


So each couple write ‘luurrrvvv’ messages on their locks, lock them together with the other locks…man its like a whole tangled web of ‘luuurvvvv’.

They then throw their key into the distance…which i think can be slightly dangerous to the unlucky folks down below. There were VERY big padlocks with VERY big keys…so if they throw that it can cause a trip to the hostpital. O.O No pain no gain i guess…


Can you guess why this bench is shaped so strangley? And no its not for the ‘modern minimalistic’ design.

Yep thats right, it’s to prevent two people from sitting away from each other and so they sliiiiide down until they are snuggly wrapping their arms round each other…and…and…and…well you know the rest. Should this public show of affection be so openly encouraged? We have kids here you know…


This one caught my eye…the 1st writing says ‘lets get married!’ *smile*


This makes me think of my sister getting married very soon…


I have an idea…how about padlocks for your christmas tree decoration?


Having said everything that was said above…all in all…this place is…just incredible. The warm feeling you get in this area is indescribable. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤


This last pic is for everyone at home…miss you guys…see you very soon.

i now go and listen to some cheesy 90s power love ballads … ❤


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