MMMM so my good 2nd school full of amazing and genuine and hard working kids is getting a new ‘full time’ English native teacher…I guess i can understand their frustration as i am only there 1.5 days a week. Not to boast as to how much im loved there …but the kids do complain that they don’t see enough of me. ^_^ So i guess i can understand the school would want a teacher who is there at least 3 times a week…but boooo that means i won;t get to see them anymore >.<

Here are some last day memories with my kids from Hwang Ryong Middle School…i will miss them!


The pictures above are my 2nd grade students…one of my favourite classes…super CUTE!
Below are my grade 3 students…the seniors…amazing personalities and always making me laugh! haha


Unfortunately i didnt teach grade 1 that day….they also didn’t know it was my last day and just greeted me casually down the hallway…some will say ‘see you thursday’…i just laughed quietly…though slightly sad…i kinda wanted to say ‘suckers….’ -___- but no… im sad…really.

Well i guess that leaves me with 2 schools left filled with miniature demons…>_<


One Comment on “Farewell…

  1. Dawwwww, I guess that’s less on your plate now though.
    They look so much more interesting than my students >_<

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