Cherry Bomb

Spring was blooming but the winter chill was slightly there….the trees were still naked and leafless…I then woke up the next morning feeling slightly ‘warmer’ than usual. I dressed and got ready to meet some friends downtown…I stepped out of the appartment block and then boom! Cherry blossoms everywhere! WTF


Strange how there is a sudden outbreak of cherry blossoms everywhere in Korea…which provided such a scenic neighbourhood….and better….the heat! I dnt need a frickin jacket anymore!


The long walks to the bus station becomes much more pleasurable…the view is very jaw dropping. You can’t help but feel happy like a hippy while strolling past each tree.


So the Cherrry Blossom festival is hitting the country…people either go to Gurye or Jinhye for the cherry blossom viewing…but to be honest? I seen pictures from friends where they travelled hours just to see the cherry blossom festival…and the scene is just as beautiful as my neighbourhood…


However these cherry blossoms only last for 1 week…before all their petals fall off…better hurry and snap more pictures as they get uglier and uglier with each passing day…until they turn…GREEEN >.<

Speaking of 'cherry bomb' im craving some Dr Pepper…


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