Sea Parting Festival Pt.2: Mose’s Miracle


The name of this ‘Mose’s Miracle’ (Yes, ‘Mose’ is what Koreans call him not ‘Moses’) was adopted from the famous story of Moses saving Jewish slaves from Egypt by splitting the sea into 2 to escape, and then drowning the Egyption soldiers. This natural phenomenon only happens 2-3 days a year. People all over Korea gather to come witness this amazing occurence and celebrate with a huge party. The main event of this festival is of course walking through the sea, towards the Island and back. Long colourful boots is needed of course….its very muddy and wet!


So the legend goes that once upon a time, the people of Jindo Island were frequesntly attacked and killed by tigers, so they took a raft and moved to a nearby Modo Island.


However and elderly woman named Grandma Ppong was accidently left behind. The old lady longed to be reunited with her family and prayed for help night and day to the Dragon King of the Sea. Then, one night, the Dragon King appeared to her in a dream and told her to cross the sea by walking on the rainbow that he will provide for her. When she awoke the next morning, she ran to the sea and a rainbow-shaped opening appeared in the water between Hoedong-ri and Modo-ri.


The people of Jindo Island still perform an annual ritual dubbed the Yongdung Festival for the Dragon King in remembrance of the sea-parting miracle and Grandma Ppong.


Notice the people wearing very colourful boots and jackets? Well it represents the rainbow path. So it is believed that Koreans walk this path to wish for love as well as for their children to be healthy.

Bless you Grandma Ppong =D


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