Sea Parting Festival Pt.1 : Jindo


Yeaa! Spring season is a season of festivals in KOrea thanks to the nice weather!


I recently travelled to Jindo Island which is in the most southern west of Korea. Jindo is famous for its history where Yi Sun Sin (Korean admiral) defeated the japanese fleet in 1597, and the unique breed of the Jindo dog…and of course this festival.


Dancing ahjummas provides us foreigners amusing moments…hahaa bless them


This is a traditional folk dance called Samulnori…its really noisy… >.<


Even the local Navy decided to join the fun…


Thousands of people come to Jindo today just for this festival just to see Mose’s Miracle…what a colourful crowd…


I wish I can walk to that Island…


Looks like its possible after all =D

More about the legend of the Sea parting festival in Part 2


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