Lovey Dovey


Back to Namwon again…this is the famous bridge of Namwon which was built again in representation of the couple MoonRyong and ChoonHang. Again its all propped for couples to take cutesy pictures of themselves and show it off to their jealous friends… =_=


Legend states couples who walk over this bidge shall be blessed with eternal love with one another.


Cute? Cheesey? Ridiculous? or do you want to say ‘AWWWWW’? Well depends on what kind of person you are 😉
Even the most reserved and coolest person wouldnt mind a ‘couple moment’….Koreans well…they like anything which makes them bing out their handphones and take pictures of themselves and their +1.


Korean: OMG PHOTO OPPORTUNITY Taaake picttuuuure!


Even a happy Korean family stop for a moment to take a picture…

My opinion on this ‘love themed’ crazed country? Well better than seeing people beat each other up (Yea London im talking about you)….When you see a happy family/couple doing these things….sometimes you can’t help but smile…other times my fingers curllll.

Observation in Korea: Guys like to carry around a lip balm everywhere….every window shop reflection they see or a car window reflection…they will stop to fix their hair even though it already looks too perfect…Boys at my school like to spend their break times fixing their hair in front of the mirror…Whats happening?!


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