Ancient Love Story


Korea’s ‘love themed’ ideas just got to a whole new level…how about a park dedicated to a couple who lived centuries ago. They go by the name of MongRyong and ChoonHang. However it is a very famous love story and couples all around Korea visit Namwon just to experience the places where MongRyoung and ChoonHang dated…oh the cheese…

Well it is a nice park…


So whats the famous story?


So once upon a Kimbap a man (MoonRyong) saw a pretty lady (ChoonHang) riding on a swing. He fell in love with her at first sight (cringe).


They went out and it was all flowers and butterflies in the meadows until the evil fat Mayor also fell in love with ChoonHang…


Of course the lady rejected him so the evil fat Mayor kidnapped her and tortured her…MoonRyong who was just a lowly police officer had no power over the Mayor and so was helpless (Fool of a took).


Then MoonRyong was able to pass the exam and became a high ranking General…with this status he was able to take back his dear no probs…


Oh the joy! The two couples reunite and lived happily ever after! THE END


As well all know people celebrates Valentines Day on Feb 14th….Korea also celebrates March 14th which is called White Day where THE GIRLS have to buy white chocolate and flowers for their man….And heres more….April 14th KOreans celebrate Black Day….where single people gather together to go and eat black noodles together (Jajangmyun)…depressing?


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