Alcoholic Remedy


This Korean dish is called 뼈 헤 장 국 “Byo Heh Jang Gook” …as you can see the soup is very red….looks devillishly spicy right? Tasty! So this dish is famous for being very good for your liver which is why people eat this after a hectic night out drinking.


The soup contains large pieces of meat on a large bone (Pork). It has soaked up all the flavours from the broth for many hours so of course it is yummy. Meat lovers will love this.


Of course to balance all the spicyness…one must have a plain bowel of traditional korean rice and side dishes.


The second highlight of the meal (after the meat ofc) is mixing the soup with the rice…*faint*

Check it out 😉

So many people wonder as to WHY Koreans love spicy food so much…well apparantly Korea is a country of heavy stress…everyone gets overly stressed for many reasons like studying, work, military, finding a job, finding a wife….and in order to relieve that stress is to eat verrry hot food. This makes them ‘sweat off’ all their worries (for a few hours).


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