Greatest Day


I was surprised having been invited to a wedding this early on in the year. I guess it works a treat when you impress your work colleagues to the point where they invite you to their children’s wedding. Lucky *^_^* Free food!


So this is not a traditional Korean wedding…seems like modern day Korea prefer the more westernized and comercialised version of weddings.


Blessings from the parents of course.


Now heres an interesting part….the roof suddenly opens out…


Everyone gets given a helium filled balloon…and then alltogether we shout “Haengbokkeyo!” which means “Be happy” and then release the balloons into the air.


Happy Ending.


Now just can’t wait till my sister’s wedding soon… XD

FACT: GIRLS! It seems they are allowed to wear VERY short skirts or hot pants (even when it is snowing) in public! HOWEVER! If they reveal part of their shoulders when wearing a top they are considered to be a slag/slut/whore (you get the gist)…so if you don’t want to get looked down upon by the public, be careful of what you wear! MEN! Like always we got away with it again…


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