Hong Kong pt. 2 – The Chocolate Library

Yup so first thought is what the hell is a chocolate library? No its not where we eat books…

So me and my friend decided to go for afternoon tea at the Ritz Carlton (as a birthday treat) and they are infamous for their ‘Chocolate Library’. So basically it is afternoon tea presented as a form of a book case, and as the name suggests they are mostly chocolate based.

Ok so what do we have? At the bottom left we have sandwiches in a shape of a sushi. The bottom left we have froie gras in a form of a canape. Finally from the middle to top are all chocolate desserts. MMMMMM

Desserts include chocolate cheescake, yoghurt, cake, cappuccino cake, macaron etc.

Of course what afternoon tea would it be without a cup of cuppuccino ❤

And an amazing view….

Definitely worth a visit! Check it out guys =P

Hong Kong Fact: The city is VERY polluted. It is to the point where it is almost impossible to see the infamous Hong Kong view during the daytime as it is covered by smog! So i wonder why people even bother taking photos of that view during the daytime as i walk along the VIctora Harbour…tourists…seriously.

Pollution is so bad that new laws have been passed stating that if a car is at a stand still for ten minutes they must switch off their car engines.


4 Comments on “Hong Kong pt. 2 – The Chocolate Library

  1. Yup! well i would’ve preferred more sandwiches as it got a bit too sweet in the end =S But tasty nonetheless

    thanks for dropping by! ^^

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