Let them (Koreans) know its Christmas time!


Well first Christmas here in Gwangju…what can i say? I don’t feel as much festivity here compared to England. LOL mind you its not a big thing here. 25th of December only is a national holiday…too bad its on a Sunday =( But for most Koreans they treat it as a normal day….nothing special….ABSURD!

Anyways Just wanna say thanks again for the gifts ^^ it means alot…thinking of every specie in England all the time!


Post it notes was the highlight….


Well all i say is have a wonderful Christmas…may you all get stuffed with food and enjoy the xmas TV!

Merry Christmas! 크리스마스를 축하합니다

FACT: Buses, restaurants, other services still run on Christmas Day! Koreans are missing out!


One Comment on “Let them (Koreans) know its Christmas time!

  1. Ken your blog is really good! I love it. Thank you for sharing it with us. I’m going to come and visit you! I’m going to make it happen! Please stay there for two years so I can make it happen lol Also your students are adorable!!

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