Korea + Veganism = Suicide


SO yea….If you are a vegetarian or a vegan in Korea, well you probably be getting looks which say “What is the point in eating at all then?” Koreans are carnivores…Without meat present on the table they will most likely look down with disappointment.

Of course BBQ in Korea is a big thing not just to satisfy their hunger but socially as well. It is very practical and requires a small amount of teamwork when cooking the meat.

Samgyupsal – pork belly – turn over before they get burnt!


Dip! and wrap in lettuce


Galbi – Marinated rib steak


Humans + Chopsticks + Meat = Happy faces! (Sorry to disgust any vegatarians out there =D)


FACT: I think the word ‘vegetarian’ and ‘vegan’ is absent in some Koreans’ dictionary XD


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