The first impression a city boy will get after being told he will be working in a rural province is that there will be little civilization, farmland everywhere, and mini convenience stores….well boy was i wrong…


Gwangju is a metropolitan city so its pretty damn hectic, and there are plenty of things to do when hanging out with your friends…


Geumnamro is the city centre. This is where most people do their shopping (teenagers). Expect bright lights, loud music, and free hugs.


A problem however is that it is difficult to coordinate as to exactly where you are. Every corner you turn…well…looks pretty much the same. Its like a maze.


If your hungry…


Paris Baguette…why not buy a bread and chill whist reading a book on the 2nd foor?


FACT: Koreans LOVE kareoke! From young to old…seems like an addiction to go to a kareoke room and get wasted from Soju! The Kareoke room is pretty epic as well…mini booth with disco lights!


One Comment on “Downtown

  1. Sometimes a bad picture can turn out better than the ones you try too hard on. Really good!

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