A Breeze Among the Reeds


This is Suncheon Bay, one of the largest wetlands in the world. The reeds just grow for miles and miles here…Pathways have been set up here to allow tourists to cross the wetlands and witness the dampening sight.

As it IS the wetlands….umbrellas UP!


The sight after a hike up a mountain…


A natural wonder or an alien crop circle….you decide


This fail shot….theres something about it…

FACT: Every day after school it is mandatory for students to clean the whole building! Yes that includes cleaning the toilets, washing the doors and windows, sweeping my office floor, emptying the trash…EVERYTHING! And they’re pretty good at it too…Maybe the UK should have something like this….this way kids won’t take the piss and stick chewing gum underneath the desks all the time.


3 Comments on “A Breeze Among the Reeds

  1. haha like all your facts here. I bought a Nikon J1 camera…

    maaaan i need to come to korea! when is the best time?

  2. Sometimes a bad picture turns out better than the ones you tried too hard on. Really good!

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