Journey to the West


Do you ever feel like something should feel familiar but in reality feels even more alien?  That’s exactly how I felt when I recently went to China.  Although I grew up in London all my life and spending almost half my 20s in South Korea I still have Chinese blood running through my veins, so I would’ve expected to have a sense of familiarity when I touched down the mystical city of Hangzhou.  But nuuuuh I was literally a complete tourist.

Aside from the clear identity issues I was thrilled to be invited by Sheraton Hotels to attend Sheraton Grand Hangzhou Binjiang Hotel’s #sheratongrandtour, which involved the 3 unique travel solutions – Paired, PackPoint Packing App and Sheraton 1-Hour Gems.  Located in the world’s most sought-after destinations, Sheraton Grand hotels are marked by sophisticated design, iconic restaurant concepts, elevated finishes and superior service.

The “Paired” China menu was inspired by 8 distinguished China regional cuisines and each is selectively partenered with premium wines to create “East meets West” in an unexpected way.

The ‘PackPoint Packing App’ where the application prepares you for the optimum travel experience, and the ‘one hour gems’ programme was where guests can experience a hidden gem within an hour proximity of the hotel.  Being a design and architectural fan myself, the obvious choice was to visit the stunning Zhongshuge Bookstore situated in the city center.

The stay was a real authentic experience.  I loved how the hotel was specially designed according to Hangzhou’s traditional culture and beliefs for example the giant chandelier in the lobby was inspired from a poet about raindrops.  As expected from a 5 star hotel the room was traditionally modern, immaculate and have a fantastic view of the Qiantang River.  It was so relaxing that I honestly wanted to just swim through my bed sheets all day.


Deepest thanks to the Sheraton Grand Hotel Binjiang for the wonderful hospitality and opportunity.

Bits and Bobs


Hello again peeps, it’s been a while.

Not going to dive in too deep but a lot has happened, so currently trying to make things right in terms of my future here in Korea.  However this involves a lot of exams, so studying hard for it currently.  Yay….me love studying clearly.

During this time I haven’t forgotten about this blog either.  Rather I am trying to think of a new direction for this blog.  I have many ideas but I will have to see how this unravels first.

Sorry for being vague, but I really don’t say anything until things are confirmed.

ANYWHHOOOOO I am SO enjoying this monsoon and getting my socks wet everyday.  Also the forecast has been so indecisive it reminds me a little bit of home in UK. Speaking of the UK I am appalled by the votes to ‘leave the EU’.  There are so many sh**ty things happening in the world, so we should be united more and not be divided any further.  If this continues, I actually fear what will become my country I’ve called home for over 20 years.



It’s me…

How have you all been? Sorry AGAIN for the silence. I visited home in London for a while to see my sister get married. I’ve never seen my sister so beautiful and I’ve never seen my family united so tightly. I was overwhelming, but more importantly I was proud to be a part of this family.

Rooftops have been my thing lately. No, not to dangle my feet off the edge like some crazy photographers these days. Somehow up there I get to see the ‘wider view’ of things. Not particularly Seoul, but myself, my future, and the people around me. I find it so therapeutic and can stand there for hours.

This particular rooftop was above a plastic surgery clinic…and boy was I shocked to see people in bandages walking in at the elevator. O_o


Reply 1988


How’s it going? Can you believe my last post on Korea was back in August? Woopsie.  I really do suck at this blogging thing. On the bright side, I stocked up a tonne of photos in my archives which are ready to be uploaded and spammed on this page.

Actually there was a reason I took a small hiatus on taking pics of Korea. In fact I was practising…trying out new styles of photography and colors so I could grow. Whether I have succeeded or failed well, time will tell. I can’t really say I’ve made an outstanding ‘breakthrough’ but I believe with more practice and some new equipment I can finally evolve.

Oh also has anyone seen the drama Reply 1988? It’s the talk of the town apparently…I have seen the first series a few years ago and the feeling is the same I get when I visited to the Suncheon drama film set. You get to rent out retro uniforms and wander around the vintage town of Korea. This was before my time…but even though I had a small glimpse of what it was like back then…I got a feeling retro-Korea must’ve been a WILD period of time. All my seniors said so anyway…

Anyhoo— not gonna write for too long this time round. Hope you all had a great new year!

Let’s see what 2016 shall bring for this blog shall we?