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Hongdae has now probably become one of my favourite places in Seoul.  Frankly speaking, I was a little intimidated by the intricate maze like alleyways so due to my non-existent navigation skills, finding the hidden cafes and shops have been complete failures in the past.  I guess one of the charms here are the unexpected things you’ll find, so ditch that map and get lost for fun I say…

So when I was invited to stay at Seoul Mansion, located just 2 minutes away from Hongik Univ. subway station, I thought what a great opportunity to finally master the area.  Although Seoul Mansion is listed as a ‘guesthouse’, I would say it’s more like a ‘family hotel’, run by an awesome group of people consisting of family members and friends.  What was different about this place compared to other guesthouses or hotels was the vibe.  With even a stove, a washing machine, and all basic domestic necessities provided, it really feels like you are coming back to the comfort of your cozy home after a long day.  As I am travelling more often around Korea nowadays, it was really the first time staying at someplace else where my tense shoulders loosened up.  It literally felt like Hongdae had become my second neighborhood.

With a complimentary healthy breakfast, a rooftop terrace with a killer view and the live and kicking streets of Hongdae just seconds away, Seoul Mansion really has the whole package.  Either hit the clubs and explore the electric nightlife, or be an old fart like me and spend a quiet evening at the rooftop terrace playing cookie run whilst watching the fiery skyline set alight.


*A big thank you to the team of Seoul Mansion and Funtastic Korea for an adventurous week~ loved every minute of it!

Les Macaron Burger

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macaron ice cream burger 002

Hongdae is always the origin of trends especially when it comes to food. Not long ago it was that oozing honeycomb ice-cream, and now there is a rise in popularity of the Macaron Ice Cream Burger~ they taste super good! Honestly when it comes to food combinations in Korea it has mostly been a no go for me, however this one doesn’t seem too desperately thoughtless compared to those rice cake pizzas…euck~

This particular store, Antique is hidden within the alleyways of Hongdae so if you want to indulge on this delicious macaron ice cream burger, bring yourself a map…and perhaps some fries to go with it.

In the picture: Blue macaron & Oreo ice cream burger, yellow macaron & green tea ice cream burger

How to get there:

Store name: Antique

Directions~ Hongik University station Line 2 Exit 8.

Map here

Grass and Wind

olle 121

A lot of people ask me what is so special about the Olle Trails in Jeju Island?  Well, I remember seeing a recurring pattern of people taking express buses and taxis and hopping from one location to another.  The beauty of the Olle trails is that you will not miss the hidden beauty that sleeps in between these beautiful locations.  It also promotes a healthier lifestyle and you will always get a sense of healing after a few hours walk. I’m pretty sure the fresh scent of greenery and the unique Jeju wind is much healthier than an air conditioner at full blast.  Korea doesn’t know how to control their air con power!

I mentioned this previously here, it really is like an adventure, you’ll never know what you will come across whether it’s other friendly walkers or the unexpected natural beauty you stumble across which is inaccessible via public transport.

On the last note, I keep getting emails about people not being able to visit these BEAUTIFUL trails because they cannot speak any Korean. Who will you talk to when walking these trails? A tree?  Even getting there shouldn’t be a problem either as the guesthouse/hotel in which you will be staying in will provide you detailed information about the island and how to get there.  I spoke no Korean whatsoever during my first time in Jeju~ ~ piece of cake.

Botanical Glass

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Seoul Greenhouse 007
Seoul Greenhouse 009

When my sis and I were hunting for this botanical looking greenhouse we saw it was labelled on the map as ‘PR Room’. At first I was like “What the heck…?”…is this a place where PRs have their meetings? Coz’ I certainly do not see any tables, chairs, and an instant coffee maker. So yeah….if you want to find this little glass hut search for the ‘PR Room’….lulz

If you are not familiar with it already as I have said countless times, I’m a complete and utter noob when it comes to camera equipment. I remember talking to my sis inside this very greenhouse located inside Changgeyong Palace about how expensive certain polarized filters costs. Of course I had no idea what a polarized filter was, so I asked what it looks like. She described it and I froze.

…I did a post on Jeju many months ago and I mentioned about dropping a certain ‘camera piece’ down the mountain. I didn’t express much concern that time coz’ I didn’t even know what it was! Turned out it was a polarized lense after all……..hehe…


If anyone finds a little glass petri-dish looking thing on that mountain…may it be a wise reminder for those to look after their equipment and not throw money down the mountain…


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