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Indie coffee shops are my sanctuaries. They are usually where the best ideas for prospective photo shoots and projects for the blog are born, and it is also an excuse to indulge and try out every blend of coffee and their fresh homemade sandwiches.

This place? It caught my attention one morning because of the big white elephant in the room, and by elephant I mean that V-Wagon in the middle of the room, minus the schnoss.

Hoho Myoll café in Seoul is like a mixture of a child’s tree house and Dumbledore’s office. It was the morning where I sat here needing to organizing dates and schedules on my planner, but constantly distracted by the surrounding vintage copper coffee tools, props, and the obvious obsessions with VW toy cars. A waft of roasted coffee beans can be smelt constantly and it was quite amusing watching the barrister trainee being scolded at.

*Photowalk/Instameet Update*

If you didn’t see on my facebook page update, I’m planning a little photowalk/instameet so photography and instagram lovers can come together, explore, snap, and do what we love, but as a community. Am currently researching different routes so in the meantime drop me a message if you are interested ^^

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As mentioned in earlier posts, I was lucky enough to be a guest at Seoul Mansion (check out their awesome crib) in Hongdae.  Although Nami Island and Everland was a ball of fun itself, exploring the intertwining and intricate alleys of Hongdae, which are just a few steps away was just as bewildering.  As it was so close, it was a great opportunity to seek out unique summery delicacies currently in trend or to just sit down by the park listening to busking teenagers belting out acoustic classics whilst bathing in the cheers of High School girls.

Whatever you pick, both the dynamic night clubs at one end of the spectrum, or the calm, acoustic, and indie vibe, Hongdae has it ALL.  Move over Samcheongdong, I think I have a new favourite.


*A very special thank you again to Seoul Mansion and Funtastic Korea for the adventurous week*

Everland Express

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This is in fact my second time in this European-esque amusement park.  To be frank, at the first time I didn’t enjoy it as much, mainly because it was overly packed with people and the rides involved waiting for more that an hour and a half each.  The heat from last year was pretty intense too so all I remember was when we literally went on any shit rides we could find, just for a good quality air conditioner.

However since this time round I went on a weekday with Mimsie and the difference it made was immense.  A maximum of 5 minute waiting times for the best rides in Everland and no crowds, it was like the place was all ours.

Now, I admit I am ‘ok’ with rides, with the exception of the Banana/Viking boat.  Just watching the movement the Buccaneer makes me queasy.  However I love rides that involved turning upside down.  Coincidentally, Mimsie couldn’t deal with rides that involve being tossed upside down, but she loves the Viking boat.  So with a pact made in not going on either, we both agreed to ride on the King of rides, the T-Express at least, and so we did.  This was actually the ride that I chickened out of the first time round.  If you look at it…you’ll understand.

However to my surprise, I realised why I did not enjoy Everland the first time round.  It was because the T-express IS Everland.  No matter how scary it looked, once the ride finished, it was the best adrenaline rush I’ve ever had.  Hope I didn’t swear too much during the ride?  ^^ If you havn’t experienced the T-Express, you haven’t experienced Everland.

Another surprise was the Kpop Holographic concert.  It was another ‘oh god here we go’ moment, but the holographs looked so realistic (combined with the cool air conditioned room), they looked really real.  It was a great finish to a fun, but intense day.

*This post was in collaboration with Seoul Mansion and Funtastic Korea*




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Have you tried internet shopping in Korea? I’m not sure if you have experienced opening up internet banking in Korea but …it’s SUCH a hassle!  If you don’t know any Korean or have any Korean friends to come with you to the bank, it can be very very tricky.  I remember booking some tickets online and yet still, i had to make payment confirmations over the phone.  This is not a particularly good idea since I have a little phobia when it comes to phone conversations in Korean.

However, finally there is a website that makes travelling a lot easier for foreigners coming to or already in Korea without awkward conversations over the phone. Although still a small website, Funtastic Korea enables those to make reservations to selected and beautiful destinations, and ta-dah~ Nami Island is one of them. Being a person who also detests planning to places which are difficult to get to, Funtastic Korea does all the boring work for you so once you check out online, meet at the bus stop, get on the bus, sit back and relax.

Nami Island (남이섬) was probably the most hyped up places in Korea which is all thanks to (surprise surprise!) a ‘drama’ which aired WELL before my time. Collaborating with Funtastic Korea finally gave me the chance to see what all the fuss was about. Although the nature was beautiful (must come back here during Autumn), the most unique thing that stood out were the hobbit like clay sculptures which were in the weirdest positions. I wasn’t even sure if they represented Korean women from a long time ago, but the sculptures were either breastfeeding in the most awkward positions…and even twerking!

If those were accurate representations of Koreans from centuries ago, it is then proof that Koreans were actually the ones who made twerking a thing.  Sorry Miley.

*This post was in collaboration with Seoul Mansion and Funtastic Korea*




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