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Aloha, sorry for the lack of posts….busy as a duck!

During the past few weeks I have kept a close eye on the social media, news etc etc in Korea and it’s so astonishing how there are so much bull crap, generalization, and negativity out there. A lot are targeting on ESL teachers and expats these days too.  The image of ‘expats’ in Korea is already so bad, do they have to degrade them further and further until they are the lowest specimen in the pyramid?

Might I remind people that these websites are only writing these kind of articles to get ‘clicks’.  They are not an accurate representation of reality….just like blogs (yup, this one included..lots of photo-shopping involved here) Kpop and Kdramas (sorry to ruin the fantasy).  So misleading right?  Ohhh the power of the internet…

Anyways I just really wanna give other expats out there a big high five. Never feel degraded and judged about what read in Korea, especially whether you are an English teacher, photographer, farmer etc.  Nobody knows who you are and what journey you are heading for.  We live to feed our souls with something that we are passionate about…and should not be wasted on time proving to others that you are HOT!

Stay positive folks!  


Pictures: Osulloc Green Tea Farm, Jeju Island.

The Alien’s Plant


If there was a carnivore meter above our heads I will probably fall on the red extreme end of the spectrum.  It was my philosophy that a meal will not be satisfying unless there was some form of meat involved.  Food is such an important part of my life, the idea of dining with a vegan is unimaginable and should best be avoided.  Though, somehow Mipa (of Alien’s Day Out blog) managed to achieve the impossible: which was tickling my vegan curiosity senses.

How?  Just how can her vegan menu on her instagram feed  make me drool all over my phone screen?  From my experience, vegan foods are stereotypically being overly dressed with greed salad, pale yellow beans, and brown liquid oozing from beneath (probably earth).

But…vegan red velvet cupcakes? Vegan mushroom and tofu burgers? Vegan carrot cake? Damn….and there’s the rest of the menu to try out too.

Having the privilege to visit her self-owned vegan café/restaurant “PLANT” in Itaewon, I had the honour to try out the vegan goodness.  Even though her pictures already look delicious, the taste was far greater.  It was amazing.  I probably ate two mains and a carrot cake, but I didn’t feel overstuffed.  I felt great, satisfied, filled with bundles of energy to last me throughout the afternoon.  By the time it was dinner, I wasn’t even hungry.  Such a miracle for a pig like myself.

For years and years I have seen friends turning vegan for various reasons (mostly because of their friends…lame) and then eventually giving in to a pepperoni pizza the following weekend (lamer).  However Mipa’s decision to turn vegan was motivated by her huge passion and love for animals.

Thanks to Mipa and her menu for Plant, she has taught me that being vegan doesn’t mean you have to cook up unappetizing foods to serve yourself everyday.  It doesn’t just mean cutting out meat and going cold turkey.  She proved that vegan foods can look good, taste great, and CAN be enjoyed.  Tasty can be healthy too.

I know fully well I will never turn vegan, but now that I have taken a bite…I am wondering whether to add vegan dishes into my diet from now on…the Plant way.


*Special thanks to Mipa of Alien’s Day Out and Plant for an inspiring and wonderful afternoon*


Directions to Plant

Come out of Itaewon Station Exit 4, walk straight until you see Sneak Soul (a shoe store) on your left. TURN LEFT into the small alleyway with steps, immediately next to Sneak Soul. Cross the intersecting road and go straight into the next alleyway next to Greek on the Grill. Continue a few buildings downhill and PLANT will be on your right.  MAP

Dancing in the Rain


Yup, back again to participate this year’s Jeju Olle walking festival just like last year. Though, this time we were welcomed by continuous rain for six plus hours, boggy mud patches, and beautiful pruned toes.
Despite the gloom, it didn’t dampen the walking spirit at all. In fact the rain really put a whole new perspective on this exotic island. Every condition is an opportunity to capture something special. Don’t let the rain stop you from capturing unique and beautiful moments…even when you have pruned toes.


For more details on Jeju Olle Trails visit this informative website! All in English of course…duh~

*All pictures above were taken from Olle Route 19*



Do you have a ritual every year?

Every Autumn season when the time is at its peak I always try to come back here to BaekyangSa in Jangseong.  The first ever school I taught was also in Jangseong so in a way this feels a little like visiting my home county….so many memories here…ahhh.

Baekyangsa lies hidden within Naejangsan which is famous for its foliage and trails burning with fiery red maple leaves.  The downside to this is that when it comes to Autumn foliage in Korea you have to get the timing perfectly right.  You won’t really know until you go and see or hear it from word of mouth.  If you aren’t lucky it might either be too early or too late, however the vibrant colors coming from the ahjumma and ahjussi’s hiking outfits will surely be an amusing replacement to the colors of Fall.  Man…it’s so sad to see all this go very soon…

Where is your favorite place to see the Autumn foliage?


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