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It has really been full of ups and downs during my 2 years here in Korea… The things I have actually done, achieved, and even failed made me think “Did I really do all that?”. Seriously thank goodness all my memories have mostly been documented here. I also feel blessed to have witness the continuous growth of this blog, and whether you are a silent reader or a one click wonder, just wanna say thanks, and keep sticking around! hehe

I was suddenly reflecting because I was choosing out pictures from my Instagram feed for Boomf’s magic mallows. Seriously, what a cool and unique way to preserve my memories~~ and bonus, I get to devour them all. Each picture from my Instagram wall has a personal story to it, an unforgettable experience, a piece of my memory. I just think that one day, if I give these mallows to you, you should know that I am giving a piece of my life to you. So you better appreciate them! Well there is an exception I guess with my mother…just Skyped with her the other day and she never knew I did photography or even knows this blog existed! The amount of times I told her and favorited my blog onto her ‘favorites’ menu on her desktop…sheesh~ I actually told her I earn money now helping people take photos…and she replied “Oh, you poor boy, are you sure you have enough money?”. =_= *sigh* first generation asian parents still don’t seem to have noticed the evolution of photography these days.

Moving on…

So here they are, my experiences, triumphs, failures, all in a form of edible marshmallows…indeed my time here so far has truly been a sweet one so far.


*Special thanks to Boomf for these delicious and fun marshmallows~



The sis came to visit Seoul this week! You may have seen me a little overly active these days on twitter or instagram. That’s what family does to me yo. Since she was here I therefore laid aside my job for a bit and became a part time tour guide. I kind of used most of the content from this blog to create my itinerary …SO USEFUL! ~ Maybe I should set up my own ‘Seoul Tour Agency’ based on this blog? I wonder how it will go?


*yawn* so exhausted…has been a pretty busy week with family round, work, and photoshoots…not to mention 1000+ photos to edit by Monday. You may think it’s dull but me sitting in a coffee shop whilst spending 6 hours editing photos overnight is literally bliss for me. Even better if I sat with the Seoul city nightview in front of me.  The viewpoint from Seoul Namsan Tower never fails to impress me….seriously~

Sakura Express


And boom, just like that. Like last year, that was how the cherry blossom season infected Korea with its lustrous beauty. Shorts, sunglasses are out, coats away, and couples flocking all over the place making out inappropriately whilst I try to study for the next Korean exam. This never usually ever happens but suddenly the impatient young’uns seemed to be more daring in the public eye~

I usually just bypass it but the other day I saw high/middle schoolers making out whilst holding and huffing and puffing a cigarette. I applaud them for their skills in multi-tasking, but I wouldn’t want to be making out with someone who smells and taste like ash residue from a cremated corpse. Ewck
Anyways~~~that aside, Spring just seems to cheer everybody up right?! Now that winter is gone it means more opportunities for travel, which means more content for this blog! Woop woop!

The above photos were taken at the amusement park by the Gwangju Art Museum. The ride I was on was um, well…the seatbelt was not stable and the cart kept rocking from side to side. Even though we were going at a snail pace my friend beside me kept squealing “아~~~어떻게!!!??”…Rather than scenes from The Notebook, let’s just say the scenes from the Final Destination movie kept reeling up in my head. Meh…I’m all up for a spring fling horror show~

Organic Fantasy

dadam 3

Although there are all these wise teachings about fighting heat with heat and cold with cold, I say screw all that and whip out that ice cream under the Sun.  Trust me, the risk in health will be worth it for this. I would especially like to introduce you to this amazing organic dessert café. So original yet traditional, and so yummy. What is so special about this dessert café is that their specialty, rice cake and other recipes are all homemade and organic. So none of those MSG, artificial crap that we usually find in foods these days.
Personal favourites: the pink cactus soft ice cream and green tea bingsoo (all pictured).  They are all make out-able.

Dadam cafe (다담) is quite exclusive to the city of Gwangju with only two branches. One being attached to the Gwangju Art Museum, and the other in central Gwangju, Geumnamro. If anyone finds a branch in Seoul, let me know?

The central city for Korean cuisine just never disappoints~

진짜 짱 맛있어


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