I asked one of my friends the other day about what he thinks of his foreign English instructors currently teaching at his University. I was really surprised when he said they were ‘sucking on honey’ (꿀빨다). He meant that his English teachers makes so little effort in teaching yet get paid so much money at the same time. Hence the students are really 50:50 about it. Those who just want to make the grade don’t really care, but those who genuinely want to learn the language are hugely dissatisfied.

When I first applied to Korea I was very surprised how easy it was to land a teaching job in Korea. I mean, because of my British passport (is that racist?) and my bomb of an interview I was qualified to get my flight ticket out. Perhaps that contributed to the massive cut on foreign teachers this year. Not that I’m saying ALL foreign teachers are unskilled, but it is true that the negative reputation of crappy teachers still dominates those who are skilled and passionate.

Well have I got news for those teachers who are still sucking on their honey. Surprise! Your students aren’t stupid. They know you are shit.

Sort it out.



picture: Dango Jip in Hongdae

Walk, Talk, Snap!

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What seemed like years, I’ve finally set a date for this coming Instameet/ Photowalk in Seoul.

Honestly I’m not sure what to expect from it as it is my first time hosting something with complete strangers O.O (please be nice to me) and who knows if it is successful I might host more meetups in the future?

Although this is a ‘photowalk’ it’s not strictly for photographers with professional cameras only.  Anyone who has the love to snap their beloved city whether it is with their DSLRs, smart phones or even film cameras can join in.  Let’s meet, mingle, and take great shots…and if we have time after maybe we can have some yummy Samgyeopsal together.

In order to participate you must click ‘going’ on the facebook event page (HERE).  This is so I can make sure I will not leave anybody behind.

Welp that’s it for now I guess, bring your cameras, comfortable sneakers and hope to see you there!

Han Cruising


You would think the boat’s rocking motion and an all you can eat buffet would be a bad combination, but surprisingly the boat was smooth sailing and no toilets were destroyed by nauseating consumers.  Hell yiz!

I have a little ‘thing’ with buffets because let’s face it, have you ever had a buffet where the quality is exquisite and at a reasonable price at the same time?  Nope…never…ever…zilch.  Nowadays people go to a buffet not because of the quality of food, but because of the insane variety it has and you can play a game of Jenga on your plate using the available food without thinking about extra costs.

The E-land lunch buffet cruise was no exception, but it’s acceptable because the food here (which is actually quite yum) is not the main attraction, but the whole package of Seoul city drifting past your window along with an all you can eat Korean/Western style buffet. Once you have eaten as much as you could you can either check out the deck or sit back with your Americano and enjoy the moment.

One important tip about this special lunch buffet is that I would strongly recommend arriving 30 minutes early as you can turn up and start eating immediately.  Turned up on time and people were already scoffing down the food =(




-Special thanks to Funtastic Korea for this wonderful experience~

Instagram – Juillet & Août


1.  Curiosity tingles – Makgeolli popsicles   2.  Citron tea. Yay or Nay?   3.  Watermelon juice for summer   4.  Cherry blossom Bingsoo and Dango   5.  Stale rainbow   6.  Seoul Magazine’s recommendations are…   7.  Cath’s Cafe in Samcheongdong   8.  Tiramisu Peppero   9.  Hoho Myoll


10.  Travelling essentials   11.  Morning traditions at Seoul Mansion   12.  Seoul’s Tiger bus   13.  PVC cherry blossoms in Samcheongdong   14.  Morning view from Seoul Mansion   15.  As soon as the store clerk turns around that bike is mine.   16.  You are Here cafe   17.  Honeycomb Icecream   18.  Ready to head out for a little Seoul Adventure.


19.  VW in a cafe   20.  ‘Me’ time   21.  Dadam cafe in Gwangju   22.  Cafe Comma in Hongdae   23.  The best cafes are usually the hidden ones…   24.  Verviers bakery    25.  Photos from the DSLR cafe post featured in BranD Magazine.   26.  Pumpkin Bingsoo   27.  Wasabi popsicles?


28.  Traditional DalkGalbi BBQ in Nami Island   29.  Peep peep   30.  Galbi Jjim   31.  Reggae Chicken   32.  Samgyetang to beat the heat   33.  Grimm’s fairytale meets beer   34.  Sauce overload   35.  Buffet on the HanRiver cruise   36.  Breakfast at Seoul Mansion.


37.  Bird cage above!   38.  When in Everland   39.  Nami Island   40.  Lily pads haven   41.  What’s in store for your future?   42.  Garage shop   43.   Nature   44.  Clock tower  45.  that Nami postcard shot.

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