MERS Update!!!!

The update is that there is no update because only the whole world apart from Korea is panicking.  Calm down people.

This past month has been one of the most busiest and exciting months I have ever experienced in Korea.  I am still blown away how this blog and my instagram can enable to work with some amazing individuals.  I feel so blessed everyday and it’s all thanks to your guys!

If you still havn’t read it yet, I have been featured in a couple of publications from Suitcase Magazine, Kalt Blut Magazine,  and the first edition Timeout Seoul.  Check it out if you’re interested!

Anyways time for bed.  My head is still buzzing from the epic weekend with Dior….but more about that later ~ hehe

In the meantime, please enjoy the shots I did of the Boseong Green Tea Plantation for the Korean Tourism Board


Photo Location: Boseong Green Tea Field

Over Gangnam


Yes, I’m fine thank you and NO I do not have MERS~

I do admit that the media is going a little overboard with the whole MERS thing.  However since the government did not share publicly which hospitals were infected, the whole country went into panic and lockdown mode.  Well done South Korea.

In light of all this, if you sanitize your hands regularly, wear face masks and avoid crowded places it should really be no problem. It is important to remember that it affects people who have bad health and the elderly the most.  So keep fit, exercise, and stay strong, and you will be invincible….hopefully.  Well…I’m not too sure, i’m not a doctor ^^

This so called ‘pandemic’ however did not stop me from exploring new habitats; hence in collaboration with Roomorama, I decided to escape my crib for the weekend to live the high rise life in the heart of Gangnam.  Here in the Gangnam Duplex Room I stayed to finish the work which piled up over the weeks.  It was really nice to work in a new, spacious environment alongside other high rise corporate offices.   It was especially interesting at night time as I got to experience the full assault of the nightlife in Seoul.  As I worked past midnight I noticed the two different worlds between youths enjoying the time of their lives in the streets and the corporate workers, who stayed in their offices to work overtime….unpaid.  So sad.

Ok enough about my staycation,  I really wanted to notify that Roomorama has offered to give a $50 discount exclusively to my readers on any of their available accommodations around the world!  Just enter the code “SSOM50” and then voila~Roomorama is the largest platform for professionally-managed, short-term vacation rentals worldwide.  Make sure to check it out peepz!

Yeomiji Botanical Garden


Dear Korea

I’ll keep this short and sweet.

If you think etching your names on exotic plants and trees is romantic…think again.  You are DUMB and you should be put in jail.

I still cannot get my head around it as to why anyone would do such a thing…it was the exact same disbelief feeling when I saw names etched on most of the beautiful trees in the bamboo forest in Damyang.




I came across a certain concept on Instagram called “calmversation” created by the digital influencer and educator, Missy Jena.  The word itself really struck a chord with me, not only as it is the perfect word that sums up some of my experiences in Korea, but also photography wise, it is the feeling I strive for when editing my pictures.  As described brilliantly by their guest blogger, a calmversation is:

“… an opportunity to connect with others in time and space, based on a visual experience. These visuals embody peace and tranquility and the imagery often plays with the viewers’ senses. Our interpretation of these pictures may differ but the end result is always the same; a quietly beautiful conversation about what’s in front of us.”

This exactly summed up the experience I had with Angie, Hannah, and Noah when we journeyed down to the south coastal county of Namhae.  It’s a small town with a population of approximately 50,000 and lies peacefully along the coast located just a few hours from Busan.  Namhae possesses stunning mystical beauty such as the Sangju beach, canola fields and Boriam temple where once you hike up, you are able to see the stunning view of mini islands drifting into the distance.

I have traveled a lot in Korea, and most of the time it is either by my larrysome or with people who don’t share the same passions or hobbies as I do.  Maybe it was because of that reason I decided to travel to Namhae once again, but this time with companions who really get what I do and love.  The fact that we can bond and take photos in such amazing location points has made this trip one of the best experiences in Korea.  For example we can be at the beach and talk about the bleak future or we can be on top of a mountain discussing how much we despise our own blogs or having a conversation about the stupid things our students do over a warm cup of coffee in the canola fields.

It changed my perspective of travel. Perhaps this was the key missing ingredient and mindset I needed to enjoy and improve my work even more.  Although I know there will be many times in the future where travelling alone will be necessary for the sake of a job, however it’s time to seek out companionship who strive for taking the best pictures of Korea whilst having a ‘calmversation’ with myself…

Whose up for it?


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