I find myself morphing into a turtle every time winter hits Korea. I seriously detest venturing outdoors so I stay inside my shell cave until hunger strikes…which is like every hour.  Hence museums are always a good option for mild entertainment and shelter when stranded outside the frickin’ cold.  I do take issue with museums here though.  Compared to the ones in London, museums in Korea are a little bit like being served plain white bread for lunch.  The architectures are mostly square, blocky, and the exhibitions usually lack the awe factor (sorry not sorry).

A group of us braved the cold and decided to travel to the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Samcheongdong, Seoul.  The MMCA displays visual art, architecture, design and crafts and with its minimalistic arrangement it was a rewarding opportunity to really take full advantage of the available space.  The special exhibition of Lee Bul was being showcased here as well this season and I must admit, it was different, unique, and I almost choked on the white smoke which suddenly blew in front of my face, but despite the hazards it really favoured towards my photography taste.  Dangerous hazards are all art nowadays…duh~

This outing was also the first time meeting a fellow Instagrammer, Ian McKay and what a great way to express our creativity here, in the museum.  Aside from being talented, he turned out to be a solid gentleman with a bundle of interesting ideas and stories…it’s such a shame he left the country and back to the states within a few months after this meetup.  Why can’t we all just live in reaching proximity of each other?  Whhhyyyy~

*picture credits 6 and 9 to Angie*

Insta-Seoul II


I am constantly amazed just how incredible the Instagram community is.  Not only does it draw people from different parts of the world together, but it is the second time that I’ve met a bunch of such amazing people.

Organizing an Instameet can be time-consuming, stressful, and frustrating.  However I have organized it two times now and always amazed how much I get out of it by meeting new friends who share a similar passion.

Thank you all again who made it out again and although there was a small blip in the middle (a reason why I took so little photos), thanks for being such good sports, understanding and being so kind!  It really does encourage me more to organize many more meetups in the future!  In the meantime here are some of my favourite Instagram images (from the hashtag #wwimseoul11) from the day:


From left to right:

1. @wiwe  2. @pramoediya  3. @greysuitcase  4.  5. @theauthentickenyan  6.  @franke_theunessun  7.  @privetannet  8.  korea_junkies  9.  @euniehwang


Welp until the next instameet, see ya!


*Thank you Greysuitcase for lending me the third picture*. Check out her blog for her take on the day!


Abandoned Pool



Brrr…sorry for the inconsistency of posts.  I just recovered from a terrible flu and it kind of made me temporarily immobile.

Anyhoo, I’ve wanted to come to this abandoned swimming pool for years, but somehow never got round to it and the fact that it is located right in the middle of nowhere in Seoul University Campus, didn’t help motivate me either.  However when a fellow Instagram buddy (@raonkk) also wanted to check that place out I decided to tail along…or really just let him do all the hard work finding it hehe…shhhh! ^^

Although it looked like a set from a low budget horror movie it is popular among budding fashion photographers and film makers.  Some people even like to shoot their engagement photos here…though really clueless as to what  the romantic charm is about here apart from the ‘pervert’ sign which is spray painted across one of the walls.  The place for me was quite cool, but the whole time I was anxious about that baby doll on the floor coming alive with a knife and murder everybody on the scene.  Chucky…you have ruined me.

Instameet/Photowalk event!


Due to the success of the last instameet/photowalk I’m happy to announce I will be hosting again for next week’s 11th World Wide Instameet on Saturday 21st March 2015 at 2pm.  So if you, like I do love instagram or just want to enjoy taking pictures, you are more than welcome to join.

This time we will be taking on one of Seoul’s World Heritage sites: Changdeok Palace and Changgyeong Palace, which happens to be right next to each other.

In order to participate please click “JOIN” on the following facebook link HERE

All information about the meeting point, directions, entrance fees etc etc are on that event page so make sure to check it out!

Oh and don’t forget to follow on Instagram for daily updates!

Hope to see some of you there for an afternoon of fun and creativity!


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