Silver Wind


My favourite season has arrived as the autumn musk has hit Korea in full force.

When people think of Autumn foliage they quickly suggest the fiery red maple trees throughout Korea. However I think my new addiction this year round is the field of silver grass located up in a mountain of Sky Park (하늘공원), Seoul.

Once you visit there you may encounter many ahjummas, ahjhussis, and countless couples holding those hideous selfie sticks. I really don’t understand the immense popularity of selfe sticks…why are they so popular in Korea? They remind me of those circus clowns balancing a spinning dish on a stick. Why would you want a picture with your girlfriend holding a metal rod in your hand? Such a romantic shot right? Someone please enlighten me…

Anyways I can go on for a millennium about how much I want to snatch every selfie stick from a couple and snap them in half…but in the meantime I just want to be one of the silver grass…standing there with my arms up all day and swaaay~~~with the wind.


*Portrait shots by Angela (Wow, what a talent!), edited by Seoul State of Mind*

Duck Invasion


Apologies for the mini hibernation period, but things are pretty hectic lately with the new job, new house, and incoming projects.  At the same time I have a few exciting things lined up for this blog, but I will keep it a hush hush at the mo.

In the meantime, something has invaded Seoul.  I’ll give you a hint: it’s yellow, made out of rubber, attracts many couples, and it’s not a condom.

I’ve actually seen many pictures of the giant rubber duck from The Rubber Duck Project in Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong from my friend’s Instagram accounts.  T’was well envious.  Even on a phone screen the duck was able to infect me with a smile.

Anyways I’m glad something like this is in Seoul. The Koreans really deserve something like this…something to smile at especially after experiencing such a difficult year.


“The Rubber Duck knows no frontiers, it doesn’t discriminate people and doesn’t have a political connotation. The friendly, floating Rubber Duck has healing properties: it can relieve mondial tensions as well as define them. The rubber duck is soft, friendly and suitable for all ages!”    – Florentijn Hofman



About two weeks ago I posted an event up on this blog and WOW! What an amazing reaction! Around 40+ people from all different walks of life came together in Seoul for the love of Instagram and photography.
To be frank I was really nervous at first, does an instameet work with that many people? What if people got lost? What if people were not enjoying it because the walks were too long? About a million of these kind of thoughts raced through my mind. Although space for creativity was limited due to public over crowdedness and couples galore in Naksan Park and Ehwadong, it didn’t really matter. This meet-up enabled me to meet some of the nicest and genuine people within the past few years here in Korea. It was great to hear people’s own personal stories about their inspirations and aspirations in life.
Due to this amazing outcome, I’m gonna have to seriously think about doing another one these photowalks or insta-meetups.
Remember to check out our unique hashtag ‘#wwim10seoul on Instagram to see shots taken from the day. In the meantime here are some of my personal favourites:

feature 1

[Users from left to right]

1.   @hongdaee   2.  @p.lum   3.  @nicojv   4.  @mathiasa   5.  @estherwalnuss   6.  @jbehrman2   7.  @weirdkorea   8.  @hwangcaptain   9.  @magnusmega

feature 2

1.  @greysuitcase   2.  @wiwe   3.  @chaearn   4.  markovesterinen   5.  @sgoodes   6.  @bnelover_tyra   7.  @maehararg   8.  @joankeem   9.  @saraheunn

Also, don’t forget to check out fellow Seoul bloggers: NV-Experience ,  GreySuitcase , and MathiasaBlog on their experience in this Instameet/photowalk.

Once again thank you to everyone who made this day a very special and memorable event.  Hope to see you all again next time!





I asked one of my friends the other day about what he thinks of his foreign English instructors currently teaching at his University. I was really surprised when he said they were ‘sucking on honey’ (꿀빨다). He meant that his English teachers makes so little effort in teaching yet get paid so much money at the same time. Hence the students are really 50:50 about it. Those who just want to make the grade don’t really care, but those who genuinely want to learn the language are hugely dissatisfied.

When I first applied to Korea I was very surprised how easy it was to land a teaching job in Korea. I mean, because of my British passport (is that racist?) and my bomb of an interview I was qualified to get my flight ticket out. Perhaps that contributed to the massive cut on foreign teachers this year. Not that I’m saying ALL foreign teachers are unskilled, but it is true that the negative reputation of crappy teachers still dominates those who are skilled and passionate.

Well have I got news for those teachers who are still sucking on their honey. Surprise! Your students aren’t stupid. They know you are shit.

Sort it out.



picture: Dango Jip in Hongdae


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